Zazie | Reclaimed Zebrawood

The attention-grabbing shape of the Zazie offers you a chance to turn heads with ease. Its oversized vintage statement and detailed handcraftsmanship are one-of-a-kind. Black and golden lines make zebrawood an excellent choice for a statement piece.

Size: 53-20-140 Frame height: 51mm Frame width:145mm


Handmade Quality

No chemical paint or engineered wood is used. Each pair is handmade using traditional woodworking tools, then polished and finished with natural wax to highlight its inherent beauty and shine. With our minimal treatment, each pair of frames showcases their exquisite natural shapes and patterns.

Polarized Lenses

All WOOED sunglasses are equipped with high quality 100% UVA/B blocking polarized lenses. Anti-scratch coating is included. Our polarized lenses protect your eyes from harmful and potentially damaging light and glare, reducing exposure to direct and reflected light that can cause injuries, eye strain and fatigue.


As a totally natural product it is also recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient and non-toxic. With our minimal treatment, each pair showcases their unique natural wood grain patterns. 

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