The Making

Designed by Nature – Worn by people who care

Right from the outset our team WOOED’s goal has been to produce bespoke, fashionable accessories made lovingly from wood. Mother Nature was the designer. We simply lent a helping hand by following her lead. Caring for our mother nature is high on our list. This is why we only use reclaimed wood or wood from sustainably harvested sources. Eco friendly and unique, WOOED products are designed to be worn by beautiful people who care about their environment as much as we do. All WOOED products are crafted by hand from reclaimed wood or that that has been sustainably harvested.

Unique for each of its owner

Inspired by our love of travel, the great outdoors, and the beauty to be seen in ever changing landscapes, our wooden products are quite literally designed by nature. Just like you, each piece of wood is totally uniquely created by nature and has its own story to tell. As time passes, its unique patterns and colors continue to evolve. Just like an antique piece of furniture or a matured wine, WOOED wooden products will grow more charming with age and care. 

Like The Tortoise and the Hare

It takes our team of highly skilled precision wood craftsmen around two weeks and some 50 different steps, using an age-old manufacturing process, to create our unique handcrafted wooden products. The result is a breath-taking collection of quirky, fashionable, eco-friendly designer products which showcase the unique elements of each piece of wood, bringing it back to life and highlighting its aesthetic beauty in an incomparable way. Sure we could jet toward the finish line quickly but, like the tortoise, we prefer to take our time and craft something that you are going to love.

Charming but challenging

We have been lucky to meet others who are as passionate about wood as we are. In fact, they’ve positively embraced what we do and the key to constant innovation and improvement. Our partners have offered us all types of unusual reclaimed woods and even different green materials to experiment on. It’s been a huge learning curve! Our journey of discovery hasn’t all been smooth sailing. We’ve found that some woods changed during the manufacturing process and the end result simply didn’t look ‘woody’ or natural enough. Other woods were just too strong or too soft and some materials were simply way too expensive. However we’ve got to say, it’s been fun experimenting to bring these products to you. 

Authentic and totally natural

Our ethos has always been to highlight the individuality of every piece of wood so that people who wear our products know that each one is unique to them.

Skilled hands treat each piece of wood with care and precision to ensure a perfect shape based on its texture and consistency. To achieve its nature pattern on the frames, we work up the grit to sand the rough edges and seams smooth along the wood in the same direction the grain is running. We also adjust different starting, in-between and finishing grit based on the different wood types we work on. Finally, natural bee wax or mineral oils are applied to bring out its glorious natural sheen. We sometimes combine laminated and colored wood sourced from Italy together with natural wood. Our focus at all times is on excellent design, sustainability, durability and comfort. Our aim is to create something you will wear with pride every day.


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