History of Wooed

Wood plays a large part in society and the world around us. Without wood, our every day lives simply wouldn't be the same. From the newspapers that we read, the furniture that we sit on, to the wine that we drink - our reliance on wood is as important today as it was thousands of years ago. Deeply engrained in our culture, history and life, nothing matches wood for its aesthetic beauty, versatility, and functionality. WOOED team is inspired by nature to bring wood to our everyday life.

Fables and Tales

Throughout our history wood has been represented in numerous ways and as such is the basis for many of our fables and tales. For example, where would Noah and indeed the rest of civilization be without the great wooden Ark? Alternatively would the Greeks have defeated the Trojans without the Wooden Horse? Whether it is a saver of lives or an instrument of war, wood has most certainly played its part. Even life, birth and rebirth have been depicted in the form of some of the very first fertility symbols carved from wood. With the first forests estimated to date back to around 385 million years, wood really has been at the epicenter of civilization since the dawning of time and continues to be so today.

Presenting a Challenge

Even today in our fast-paced consumer world and 'throw-away' society, it's fascinating to think that some of the oldest living things on our planet are trees. Some date back to between 2000 and 4500 years old. Just imagine the history that they've witnessed and the stories that they could tell! Yet, just like architects, designers, builders and artisans before them, those who choose to work with this glorious natural material continue to be puzzled and challenged by the unique tones, textures, durability, and even sound qualities that different types of wood have.

Pushing Boundaries

Nowadays this most ancient of materials is being used in even more sleek and contemporary ways which extend the boundaries of design. From stunning wood-made eco-friendly properties that offer a feeling of peace and tranquillity, warmth and escapism, to hand-crafted designer accessories for the 21st century style conscious urbanite -the versatility of wood knows no bounds.

Bespoke Fashion

For the past years, the WOOED team has been experimenting with reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood to create eco friendly designer fashion accessories with an urban, design forward look. Originally designed by nature, WOOED designs are aimed to emphasize the integrity of the timeless wood piece. Throughout life, different trees develop their own unique pattern with different species, different climate and soil condition. With our minimal treatment, each pair of WOOED wooden sunglasses is enabled to showcase their truly unique original raw pattern from nature.