Handcrafted process


Just like anything handcrafted, our wood sunglasses are products of arts but not merely a product from a flow of work charts.


 Wood from the furniture making is used for the production.














Design-we would like to keep our products simple but to an extremely high degree of quality. Simple illustrations and prototyping are essential to us.


The shape of the frames is carved out in a few steps: the top curve, the lens space and the nose pad. 

 To achieve its nature pattern on the frames, we work up the grit to sand the rough edges and seams smooth along the wood in the same direction the grain is running. We also adjust different starting, in-between and finishing grit based on the different wood types we work on.

Finally, natural bee wax or mineral oils are applied to bring out its glorious natural sheen.  

Polarized lenses are used for all our sunglasses. 

Our focus at all times is on excellent design, sustainability, durability and comfort. Our aim is to create something you will wear with pride every day.