September 07, 2013

Feature on Groovy Green Livin

Sunglasses are my go-to accessory. Come for a visit and you’ll find different brands and variations throughout my house, car and purse. I know this isn’t very green, but we all have our vices. Lipstick and lip gloss (all non-toxic of course!), sunglasses and maybe a few pairs of jeans are my not-so-green addictions. There you have it.

WOOED Sunglasses

WOOED (pronounced “wood”) is a San Francisco based company creating sunglasses and accessories from reclaimed wood or wood that’s been sustainably harvested. All WOOED products are handmade- yes, that’s right-they make each one of their quirky, interesting sunglasses by hand! Each pair is unique and essentially a piece of art.

Check out this fun pair of WOOED that I’ve been wearing for the last few weeks.

These are the Vintage Pacific Wayfarer in weathered black. Pretty stylin’ right? I’m amazed at how light these sunglasses are. The best feature, aside from their cool, vintage look-they don’t squeeze my temples since they have stainless steel spring hinges.

They’re made from sustainablly grown bamboo. Big bonus for all you boaters and swimmers out there- these trendy sunglasses float on the water!

The Wayfarer lenses are polarized, which means they reduce exposure to reflected light from bright surfaces like water, windshields, oncoming cars or snow.

Depending upon your budget the price point could be considered a little steep, especially if you tend to go for the $10 pair of sunglasses. These go for $95.00, as do most of the WOOED sunglasses.

If you care about the environment and want a quality pair of sunglasses which are a true reflection of your personality check out the different styles over at WOOED.

About Lori:

Lori Popkewitz Alper, Founder and Editor of Groovy Green Livin, provides eco-wellness consulting for businesses, schools, homes and individuals; and inspiration for a greener lifestyle through her Groovy Green Livin blog and website.