August 29, 2013

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Reclamation Proclamation: WOOED Products from San Francisco, CA Published 26 August 2013

Nature is a funny thing. It can kill you, yet it needs all the help we can give it to keep it alive, keep it beautiful, and most of all, just keep it around. There’s a ton you can do to help out in preserving our natural habitats that we’ve done such an awesome job of destroying, but not everyone actually take the initiative.

I was at the beach last week, enjoying the sunshine, splashing in the waves, feeling the rip tide, and in general, just having a great day. There was this family next to me having a good time, it seemed, so I was fine with them. Until they left… Trash. They left a couple of plastic water bottles, an empty bag of potato chips and a couple of paper towels. I could see if it was a mistake and if they happened to look back and see, they’d be like, “Oh shit. We’re assholes. Let’s pick that up!” But they didn’t. They did look back though and saw the trash. And said, “Nope. We didn’t forget anything.” And they kept walking. I was too numb to move. Seriously? Come on people. Stop fucking up this world for the rest of us.

So as I come off my high horse rant, I have recently had a piece of my faith in humanity restored by way of WOOED, a small company based in San Francisco, CA carving bespoke products from reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood. They approached me and offered a sample of their NOPA Weathered Blacks for me to try out and see what I thought.

The shades fit spot on, are good looking, and nice and light. One thing I hate is a hefty pair of sunglasses. I just want to keep the sun out of my eyes, not add an incredibly uncomfortable accessory I will always be aware of. Leave that to gold chainz and brass knucks. But anyway, it’s not just these sunglasses are good looking and come from some awesome woods (Rosewood, Cocobolo, Padauk, Black Walnut and Zebra), but WOOED is taking part in what a couple of other companies are doing, and making the world a better place one pair of sunglasses at a time.

A couple pieces, aside from the NOPA set, that really stood out to me include:





These are just a few of the offerings from WOOED. Check out the rest of their sunglasses on their site. It should be noted that WOOED also offers a couple of accessories, though ever since moving to CA, I’ve had little use for cufflinks. There aren’t any French cuffs on tank tops. Go figure.


So next time you’re needing a set of cool shades and want to do something nice for the planet and support a small business, consider WOOED. Every pair is completely unique, so you won’t be one of the homogenous types wearing “the uniform.”

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