August 14, 2013

WOOED Thoughts on Bikes

We at WOOED are committed to making sustainable lifestyle choices. In particular, cycling stands out as a sustainable mode of transport that we think should be greater encouraged!  It is not easy to go up and down the hills in San Fran with a bike but we are committed to this! The recently released Copenhagenize Index 2013 sheds light on the cities we should look to as inspiration. Here’s rounding up 10 of the world’s most bicycle friendly cities. Sadly San Francisco is not one of them. Lot to improve!


8 – Berlin, Germany

  • More than 400 thousand workers, pedal to work daily

7- Malmö, Sweden

  • Government has injected €47 million to increase bicycle ridership over the next 7 years
  • Bicycle paths are even named so that they are easier to find on GPS.  

6 – Eindhoven, Netherlands

  • Impressive floating roundabout (called the Hovenring) for bicycle use so as to safeguard cyclists’ safety when crossing junctions

5 (tie) – Antwerp, Belgium

  • High levels of political engagement – 100km of bicycle infrastructure was promised and completed between 2 elections.
  • Features an impressive, visionary and organised bicycle park above the Central train station

5 (tie) – Nantes, France

  • First city in France to allow right turns on red for cyclists
  • Almost 400km of bicycle infrastructure

4 (tie) – Bordeaux, France

  • Dedicated investment to bicycle infrastructure
  • Effective marketing of bicycle initiatives to the masses

4 (tie) – Seville, Spain

  • Seville transformed from a city with almost no cyclists to one with a modal share of 7%.
  • Well utilised bicycle share system

3 – Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Fantastic bicycle infrastructure design and also usage

2 – Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Effective and uniform bicycle infrastructure widespread
  • Impressive 35% modal share in cycling

1 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Usage of 30km/h vehicle zones keeps people and cyclists safe
  • High usage of bicycles in the compact city centre
    • Cycling made fun, relaxed and comfortable


We at WOOED contribute to sustainability in our own little way. Our sunglasses and accessories are proudly handcrafted only with reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood. We only use natural treatments so as to produce products that resonate with everyone who loves nature. Also, what we take from nature we also give back through our contribution to Plant It 2020.

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Postcard: School project for Academy of Art University (MFA Graphic Design) by Katie King Rumford

Photo: Jason Rowe