August 12, 2013

Incorporating Reclaimed Wood into Your Daily Life

Reclaimed wood is one of the trendiest new eco-friendly materials. This reclaimed wood trend has not only hit the interior design industry, but also the fashion industry as well, meaning there are now more ways to incorporate this unique eco-friendly material to your lifestyle! Reclaimed wood is not only a green choice, but also provides numerous practical benefits as reclaimed wood is often sturdier and longer lasting.


What is reclaimed wood?

Basically, reclaimed wood is wood that has been reused. Sources of reclaimed wood frequently include old barns, factories and even fences and wine barrels. Due to its long history, reclaimed wood often has a unique depth of colour and patterning, making it an ideal choice for stylish consumer products like furniture and even fashion accessories.


Why use reclaimed wood?

Healthy for the Environment

Recycling previously used wood means that less forest habitats need to be destroyed. More trees will be able to stay in the wild to shelter wildlife, prevent mudslides and improve air quality. In addition, reusing waste wood from old structures reduces the amount of waste produced by humans, freeing up precious space on our planet.

Better Qualities

Did you know that reclaimed wood tends to be much stronger than virgin wood? This is because old wood tend to have a denser grain. In addition, used wood has already been exposed and hence can be said to have “adapted” to the elements, making it tougher and less prone to splitting.

How to Use Reclaimed Wood?


Reclaimed wood furniture is big business now. Look around in your local directory (or even Etsy) for companies selling tables, veneer panels, and even flooring made of reclaimed wood. Indeed, with so many varieties of reclaimed wood available, there is sure to be one that suits your needs and style. Better yet, look for companies that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to ensure that the business is engaging in the best and most environmentally friendly practices.


Tree hugging entrepreneurs all over the world are finding the most innovative ways to use reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed wood in items usually made of plastic is not only eco-friendly, but also very fashion savvy. Wooden accessories help reduce your plastic consumption and inject some sustainability into your daily style! We at WOOED stock some very fashion forward wooden sunglasses that use only reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood so you can be sure that you are not wasting any virgin material. Find out more about our sunglasses and our brand at