August 01, 2013

WOOED History of Surfing

A small history lesson from WOOED :) 


In the beginning

When? Over 3 000 years ago

Where? Western Polynesia

What? Fishermen found out that the easiest way to get onto shore with their catch was to ride the waves back with a wooden board.

Development of Stand-Up Surfing as a Sport

When? No exact records, but maybe around the 15th century

Where? Sandwich Isles

What? The kings, queens and people of Sandwich Isles were very much into the sport of “he’enalu”, where “he’e” in Old Hawaiian refers to a transformation from solid to liquid, and “nalu” refers to the movement of a wave.

Popularisation of Surfing as a Sport

When? Early 20th Century

Where? Hawaii/ USA/ Australia

What? Olympic Swimmer Duke Kahanamoku, also known as the Father of Modern Surfing, promoted surfing by incorporating surfing exhibitions into his swimming exhibitions. His popularity and international recognition as an Olympic Star helped surfing grow fast in popularity around the world.


When? Since the 1950s

Where? Worldwide

What? The increasing popularity of beach/surf movies (e.g. Gidget) and surf fashion made surfing the multi-million dollar industry it is now.

Wooed and Surfing

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