July 14, 2013

WOOED in Berlin

WOOED really enjoys travelling. The beauty of the architecture in Europe never fails to impress us, and this time, we are at Berlin for a photo-shoot. Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, science and technology. Particularly, we love how Berlin is such a design centre! From the little shops in the alleys, to the big architectural projects in the city centre, WOOED is kept constantly fascinated by the distinctiveness and charm of each building. We especially love the little area of Mitte in Berlin which contains a great variety of locally designed quirky products. Needless to say, we are inspired by the city’s great attentiveness to design and wish to convey this focus on excellent design and quality in our products as well – each pair of WOOED sunglasses is specially handmade to highlight its individuality!

WOOED sunglasses also enjoy travelling! Help them reach all four corners of the globe - international shipping is available on our website ;)