July 03, 2013

WOOED is now in India!

India is a captivating country. We’re always fascinated by the deep roots of the Indian culture and spirituality and we’re excited to announce that WOOED’s sustainably made wooden sunglasses are now stocked by a retailer in one of India’s up and coming cities – Pune.

Pune is often considered the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra, with the city placing a large emphasis on education, theatre and the arts. We love how Pune manages to blend tradition with modernity. While the city is slowly modernising, the traditional Marathi culture is still revered in importance. In December, Pune hosts the Sawai Gandharva Music Festival, which is a festival of traditional Indian music highly anticipated and loved by music lovers all over India. Pune is also one of India’s spiritual centres, with the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune one of the largest spiritual centres in the world. We at WOOED are always inspired by nature and wholesome living and we would definitely encourage you to take time off to reconnect with yourself and with your environment.

Visit Pune and be touched by all the sights and sounds in this ancient but modern land. Of course, don’t forget to pay us a visit ;)

Find WOOED at:
Goggle House
484/1-31-32, Mitramandal Colony,
Near Saras Baug, Pune – 411009
Maharashtra, India