May 02, 2013

WOOED presentation in LOFT 1513 Boutique in San Francisco

This is our new presentation in  LOFT 1513 Boutique in San Francisco!  LOFT 1513 owner Larissa Verdussen and her design associates warmly welcomed the new presentation. She is not only impressed with our design but also the light weight and comfort of our sunglasses. 

Please drop by to see us in LOFT! 


More information about LOFT 1513 Boutique:


Loft 1513 Boutique houses over 40 independent designers. Many of the items are hand made, one of a kind, and locally produced in the San Francisco Bay Area. Loft 1513 is one of the only boutiques in San Francisco in which customers can purchase garments directly from the designers. The boutique has an open studio in the back, where design associates work on their creations. The modern, airy space at 3927 24th Street houses interesting designs that can't be found anywhere else! Sewing classes, custom design, and bridal are all offered at the shop, and each piece can be altered to fit each customer's unique, beautiful shape. A welcoming and creative environment awaits at Loft 1513 Boutique!