April 19, 2013

Feature on "Edge on the Net"

Wooed by Wood, a San Francisco company that hand crafts all of its wooden accessories thinks wood’s innate versatility is the answer. According to co-founders Joh and Julia (who, in true Bohemian style, insist on no last names), "wood is a strong, natural material that is beautiful due to its variation and strength."

Wooed by Wood’s signature offering is reclaimed wood sunglasses in styles both retro and smoothly modern. Styles range from the classic aviator "Quince" to a more eccentric notched cat eye style "Limon." Among Wooed by Wood’s many other offerings are reclaimed redwood cufflinks with ornate carvings that can add a shot of refined bohemia to a sleek suit. This is another key selling point for using wood in design: wood is a natural resource and one with boundless uses.

"We are drawn to wood as a style compliment because it has a strong tie with nature and is visibly unique. People have used wood from the beginning of time as a tool and it is one of the most core and basic necessities of life," Joh and Julia explain. True. Since the first inventive caveman, mankind has indeed been "playing with fire" by pushing the infinite uses of wood.

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