March 11, 2013

San Francisco International Gift Show

We recently took part in San Francisco International Gift show in at the world famous Moscone Center. It was our first time ever setting up a booth and showing the new products to strangers. With just a couple of days to prepare for it, we felt very nervous. Not sure how people would respond, we wondered “Will they love our products as much as we do?” We went to our vintage weekend market to get shelves to display our wood sunglasses. Then we spent a night drawing our blackboard poster in the living room.

WOOED enjoyed great interest from many local stores and their buyers. Museums expressed interest for their gift stores. The WOOED team was very happy. Visitors said our products were the most innovative green product at the show. They liked a lot of things about our glasses: the glasses are a light fit on face; polarized lens for the outdoors; float on water (good for surfers or boaters), quality hinges and “super-comfortable fit” to name a few.

We were thrilled with the overall response. By the end of show we'd made some wonderful friends including Summer and Kendra (Summerize []” and “Kr” [] -neighbouring exhibitors of great products made in the USA).