Francis | Ebony X Oak

Francis brings back the retro look with a bold cat-eye style with vintage keyhole detailing of the nosepiece. Contrast of two nature wood types gives you a simultaneously edgy and elegant statement piece.

Frame size: 51-16-140


Handmade Quality

Each pair of WOOED wooden frame is carefully handcrafted to showcases their exquisite natural patterns. WOOED glasses frames are fitted with polished stainless steel spring-mounted plunger-style hinges to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit.

Polarized Lenses

All WOOED wooden sunglasses are equipped with high quality 100% UVA/B blocking polarized lenses. Anti-scratch coating included.


As a totally natural product it is also recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient and non-toxic. With our minimal treatment, each pair of wooden eyewear showcases their unique natural wood grain patterns. 

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