Our Commitment

Our mission is simple: We promise you our 100% commitment to excellence and sustainability, so you can buy with 100% confidence that you are purchasing a product that is customer oriented as well earth oriented. We source, design and produce quality accoutrements for your already full life, with an eco-friendly assurance. Giving back to nature is who we are. 



I.    Our Commitment to Sustainability

  1. We only use reclaimed wood or sustainably harvested bamboo for our products -minimizing deforestation.
  2. We donate part of our profit to reforestation projects -ensuring sustainability of the forest ecosystem.

II.   Our Commitment to Excellence

  1. All our products are rigorously tested and refined to guarantee quality, safety, style and comfort.
  2. We upgrade all styles of sunglasses to premium polarized lenses to ensure that your sunglasses are stylish and practical.
  3. Spring hinges are considerately added to all models -ensuring durability, fit and convenience.

III.  Our Commitment to You 

  1. All our products are designed with customers in mind. We love hearing feedback from you so that we can improve our future products!
  2. We offer competitive pricing and excellent value.
  3. We are committed to providing excellent customer service – nothing makes us more satisfied than happy customers!